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By: kichi kenterong

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Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007 15:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
studio bukit tabur

intrepid photographers

didn't really intend for the editing to come out like this initially, but once i started, i just couldn't stop.

admittedly, it's not a perfect picture though. have to bear in mind to be more thorough next time.

three things that i would rectify if i could (or rather, reshoot and make sure these three things are corrected).

anybody want to guess what the three are? no prizes la, since they're quite obvious hehe.

ps - these are the three things i would correct in the picture: the feet of the model at the front excluded a bit from the picture; the shadow on the model at the back; and the plant that is blocking the sun (22/4/2007).

Sunday, 11-Mar-2007 05:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
oh, how the stars dance in the nightsky

astral motion

my second try at this. it's quite difficult to attempt this kind of shot here in kl.

i was hoping to capture more of the stars in the picture, but light pollution blocked out the weaker ones.

considerations for the next attempt:

1. shoot where there is minimal light pollution. tawau in june would be a good bet.

2. locate either north or south pole star (polaris? sigma octantis? the southern cross?) for maximum effect. we're lucky to be very near the equator to be able to see both.

3. avoid foregrounds that are illuminated, even though very faintly. they'll seem like they're lit by spotlights at the end of the long exposure.

4. immediately release the shutter for the next exposure to avoid the gaps in the trails. lapses of less than a minute are enough to result in the breaks, especially for those stars that are 'travelling' faster.

Thursday, 8-Mar-2007 15:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
why i (photo)blog?


is there any relevance at all between the topic and the picture?

not too sure, but what the hell.

anyways, here are some reasons why this fotopage exists:

1. so that i can present things (especially mundane things) from a different perspective.

2. so that i can improve my photography skills.

3. so that i can get constructive feedback on my pictures.

4. so that i can always fall back on something to fill up my time (when i'm not busy, that is).

5. so that i can put up pictures of the cats at home.

6. so that i can leave a link at other people's blogs/websites (yay!).

i only need to come up with six reasons, right?

Sunday, 25-Feb-2007 14:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
(wo)men at work, part two


for the life of me, i just can't figure out how i got the color from the first round of edits for this picture. i couldn't replicate it, so i tweaked the color balance to reduce the reddish hue (teringat fique punya comment).

so, here it is, mr zuhri, a closer view of the make-up artist as well as the reluctant model for that day.

Wednesday, 21-Feb-2007 13:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
botol + kotak = botak?


heh, just couldn't resist it.

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