flights of fancy

By: kichi kenterong

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those yesterdays

memories of yesteryears

the familiar musty stench permeates his senses, as he looks around.

it really hasn't changed all that much since sixteen years ago, he thinks to himself.

his mind races through the memories he had as a thirteen-year old. here was the place he would take a bath, when the toilet at the prep school was inundated with the other boys, sometimes in the dark before the arrival of dawn. those early morning baths always had a tinge of fear laced with excitement, because of the reputation of the place. they would always be very short baths. even now, the thoughts send a slight shiver down his spine.

but he would not have it any other way.

as he turns away from his memories, he semi-seriously considers that it should be forbidden to develop kk, least of all his alma mater.

and the memories shall remain.

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greatful sounds

trying something different here.

a friend had commented that he was bored looking at 'normal' pictures. i asked him what he meant by that, and he referred me to this page. i pressed him further on the subject, and after a rather long-winded explanation (peppered with some near-miss misunderstandings), it finally dawned on me that he was looking at the pictures differently.

how i see the pictures on fotopages: pictures that try to capture a particular moment in time, perhaps with some tweaks here and there to make it look more interesting.

how he sees the pictures on fotpages (or rather, what he wants to see): digital graphic art, freely crossing over into manipulation, sometimes resulting in images that look like paintings.

two very different schools of thought, but neither being wrong.

either way, the picture above was the best i could come up with, given my limited photoshop skills. his verdict? still a ways to go.

whatever the case, tomorrow night, i'll be expecting a great performance from the people in the image above.

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jimbaran sunset

tomorrow, perhaps

the end of another day.

will tomorrow bring better fortunes?

ps - after reading mynn's and reza's comments, i've decided to redo the picture, sans the sharpening of the ocean. took me a while to figure out how to use the history brush tool to selectively apply sharpness to the picture (22/4/2007).

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ben zephaniah

ben zephaniah

i believe this poetry reading by benjamin zephaniah was the first poetry reading i've ever attended. i'll admit that i was there to shoot some pictures as much as i was interested to see what kind of event a poetry reading is like.

especially when the kind of poetry being read is dub poetry.


at the end of it, i must say that i came away with a rather positive feeling about poetry readings. the three poets who read/recited their works (and also the informative and entertaining shadow play by the kg berembang children) renewed my interest in witty wordplay, although i don't think i'll be able to support myself with poetry.

my regrets?

i didn't get to sit upfront, but that's the photographer in me talking.

and where were the pretty girls?!!!

hmm, i guess dub poetry just ain't their thing.

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in the elusive pursuit of peace

peace of mind

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