flights of fancy

By: kichi kenterong

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Saturday, 4-Mar-2006 14:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
work in progress

it's going to take a while until a real update, i think.

Sunday, 26-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
travelog(ue), part deux

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since i had accidentally used a high iso setting during the kuantan/cherating trip, i thought i might as well use the grain/noise for black and white pictures.

what do you think?

Sunday, 19-Feb-2006 15:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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it was a really tiring drive to kuantan and cherating, but we could almost imagine already, what it would be like in about two and a half months from now. i could put the whole thing in words, but i'm too tired for that. allow me, instead, to present some images that were captured in the 27 hours or so that we spent on this short trip.

please be generous with your views and suggestions.

ps - there were some really magnificent photographic opportunites of sunrays breaking through clouds, but i was at the wheel when they all happened.

Wednesday, 15-Feb-2006 15:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark

he has lost count just how many times he spent this so-called lovers' day alone. five times? he pretends not to care. perhaps he should put up a 'vacant' sign around his neck?

he stares into the distance, his fingers absentmindedly caressing the now-empty glass.

he contemplates his most recent trip back home to see his mother. she has learned to steer clear of a particular subject, the old lady. the last time some relatives brought it up, she didn't know what to do. so, she opted to just do the dishes at the kitchen sink, even though the guests were still seated in the living room, albeit with gaping mouths. she never thought he would've replied in such a shocking manner.

his mother apologized profusely to the relatives at the front gate later, and said that maybe marriage isn't a really fond subject for him.

his mother told him that she now likes to go to the new tesco that opened up some time back. it's not like she ever buys anything there, but she says it helps her fill her time. otherwise, she gets bored at home. it's a good thing the place is close to home.

he smiles as he gets up to leave, thinking about his mother. but it is a bitter smile that actually reflects a painful truth:

yet another another night, all alone, at his favorite eatery.

Monday, 6-Feb-2006 13:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
good morning!

i wish i had a telephoto lens when i was shooting this picture. had to wait quite a while for it to poke its head out again.

dear visitors,

i am still unsure where i am with regards to my photography techniques and skills. nonetheless, one thing is sure: i want to improve. as it is, i think i need lots of pointers. so, i'd really appreciate any comments on any of my pictures. tell me whether they're okay. tell me also (and especially) if they're not okay.

tell me how i can improve.

thanks in advance.

ps - here's a re-edited picture of the subject, based on the comments and suggestions below. does this work as well, if not better? (12/2/2006)

pps - another re-edit, based on ezdy's suggestions. it's the one on the right. employed photoshop (read the tutorial a bit to do this), although it took me a few tries to understand the workflow. (15/2/2006)

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