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Thursday, 4-May-2006 14:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
picasa collage

testing the collage function available in picasa.

i guess i put in a little too many pictures hehe. maybe i'll put up the proper pictures later, after i've tweaked them some.

Monday, 1-May-2006 06:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i was at cherating over the weekend, and i just couldn't help snapping this picture, having seeing it on syahrin's page previously. such a fun session we had yesterday morning. big thanks to these people, for contributing to this image, either directly or indirectly:

syahrin (for teaching the technique)
moque (for the proper execution)
tony (for the camera, since my d50 doesn't have the wireless commander mode)
rambo (for the 12-24mm f4 nikkor lens that you loaned to modar, memang best gila lens ni!)
athen (for graciously agreeing to be the model in this picture)

Monday, 24-Apr-2006 15:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Sunday, 16-Apr-2006 15:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
old boys weekend 2006

2006 is only my third year returning to kuala kangsar for the annual old boys weekend as an old boy. this year also marks the tenth year since i left the malay college back in 1996. it's sometimes hard to believe that it really has been ten years, but what can i say? i look at the calendar, and it says there that it's the year 2006.

old boys weekend always has a special meaning to malay collegians, whether present boys or old boys. for the present boys, it means being able to mingle around with successful old boys from various backgrounds and callings. it's the initial step to being familiar with the old boys network. for the old boys, it means a time to renew the camaraderie forged a long time ago, and recalling those times with fondness. pardon my ignorance, but i don't know if any other schools have something similar, at the same level.

anyways, i decided to carpool this year with four other guys. apart from saving some money, it's actually a fun way because the weekend practically begins as soon as we all get into a car together to drive to kuala. the old stories, rehashed for the umpteenth time, would resurface and we'd laugh ourselves silly again. this year, also, i brought along my camera to capture those moments in kuala.

the first stop we made in kuala was none other than yut loy. we were famished, but were told that they could serve us only pau. i was surprised, because usually the pau would be difficult to get during old boys weekend. but we didn't complain too much, since power was out. moque joined us, and it was all talk about our upcoming reunion and pertinent issues (hence moque's and dayat's rather serious countenance).

after having our fill (we managed to have fried rice), we adjourned to koleq. just passing the big school along jalan stesen was enough to get us singing the school song. it was a beautiful day with blue skies and beautiful clouds. we parked at the pavilion carpark, and walked to the registration area to check out the merchandise on sale. i saw abang su seated nearby under the trees, so i went to say hi. walking back to the registration tent, i was 'pulled over' to donate blood, despite my weak protests of needing blood myself. i was soon on the cot though, after some initial tests. it was quite nervewracking since it was my first time. but it went along fine. i was a little dizzy after that though, as could be expected, and had to lie down for about ten minutes.

then, we proceeded to the big tree, while snapping away at overfloor's beautiful greco-roman facade. some of the guys were hanging out there, having played cricket with the present boys. the cagers also joined us under the big tree for a while.

half an hour later, we had a drink at a stall set up near the registration tent (yes, this is one of the things that we do a lot during old boys weekend). at about three, i proceeded to hargreaves hall to catch the soundcheck, after being told by abang su about it. it didn't really happen though, but i got to chat with ipin for a while. he almost didn't recognize some parts of the school, having never visited the school in the last ten years or so.

we proceeded to get ready for our football game with the first formers, so i returned to pavi to get changed. i was back at the prep school field soon, when the skies took an ominous look suddenly, but we held onto hope. it was a fun game, but we were out of sorts. it's been a long time since we played on a field and it showed. but we won by a very slight margin (hehe) of 5-4. by that time, it was raining cats and dogs but we didn't care. even after the first formers left the field, we continued playing for a short while in the rain, just to recapture those idyllic moments back in 1992.

the football game of old boys versus present boys commenced almost as soon as we arrived at the big school field from the prep school field. some of us 96ers put on the quad colors, hoping they wouldn't have to play (some) but they all eventually did.

it stopped raining for a bit during the old boy-present boy game, but the rain picked up again right about the time it got dark. we waited the rain out for a while, and decided to have our dinner at lembah. it was a simple affair, since we didn't want to miss the concert. a few of us left for kl though, right after dinner.

the present boys orchestra was playing when we arrived at hargreaves hall. i have to say that they were pretty impressive. we never had anything of the sort during our time, but it's good to see the college embarking on something like this. we took our seats near the back of the hall, clad in our batch t-shirt, next to the 8892 guys, who were our seniors. abang su was the bidan terjun emcee for the night but we wouldn't have thought otherwise, if he didn't say so in his blog. he even announced rizal's birthday, complete with cake, onstage to buy a bit of time for the band to prepare.

and then, the show began with honque and co. playing the riffs of metallica's harvester of sorrow. the band promptly changed gears, and played decidedly radio-friendly tunes. they also had an awesome medley that stretched over quite a few songs. the present boys came on next, with their rendition of cake's version of i will survive.

the thoroughbreds performed next, opening with abang su performing casey's seribu impian.

and then, eyva came on.

hmm, i guess i'll let the pictures talk for a while hehe.

in my defence, i can only say that eyva totally got the house going with her stage antics and infectious smile. am i right, or am i right, guys?

the concert definitely ended on a high note, with us 96ers going over the top at the back of the hall. we didn't care, and we had a jolly good time. personally, the concert was the highlight of the whole weekend. it practically made me forget about the weather and dismal turnout.

high on the concert's energy, we walked to the (railway) station to have a drink. some objected initially, saying it was too far, but the counterargument was "dulu takde hal pun nak jalan...".

even if you just joined us at the table, it was pretty easy to guess what the main topic of the discussion was: eyva. she really got us going, even half an hour after the concert. i didn't see it, but apparently the guys were pretty crazy back there, while i was up front snapping away. after much banter, we finally called it a night at around 2am.

the next morning, we woke up rather early to have breakfast at an eatery located behind the college grounds. dayat had heartily recommended the place to us. the nasi lemak was quite good, but the portion of the roti canai left a bit to be desired. we got back at around half past eight, but the rugby game started only at around nine.

it was a hard-fought game played on a very soggy field, but the old boys prevailed with a final score of 15-8. then, it was a final walk at the big school before packing up to leave.

as was usual, we decided to have one last meal at yut loy before making our separate ways. and as was usual, yut loy was packed. the nyonya even told us to go upstairs to get chairs. we only managed to get our food after an hour or so of waiting. meanwhile, i busied myself by taking pictures of the establishment.

i guess we came at the wrong time, because everybody seemed to have the same idea of having one last meal before leaving for home. we actually got our order after most of the old boys had left.

we adjourned to kl a bit after three, i think. now, i always leave kuala with a heavy heart. at least, it had been that way with the past two old boys weekend. it was more bearable this time, riding in a car with other batchmates.

as we left, i suddenly recalled a passage that i read in one of our yearbooks, which goes something along these lines:

we came in crying to leave, but we left crying to stay.

indeed, that was just how we left college ten years back. but the memories shall always remain.

here's to old boys weekend next year!

ps - i reposted the pictures, because i wasn't happy with the colors. changed the composition a bit for one or two of the pictures (19/4/06).

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